Credit Repair

We provide a hassle-free solution to repair your credit score and improve your financial standing.

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Our BBB A+ Rated Credit Repair Service Will Help You Correct Your Credit Scores With Experian, Equifax, and Transunion. Join Our Thousands of Happy Clients And Start Living the Life You Want!

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Understanding the Credit Repair Process

Setup & Discovery

First, we take a close look at your credit and determine which questionable negative items are wrongfully hurting your score.

Challenge & Dispute

Next, we ask the bureaus and your creditors to verify these negative items as accurate and fair. If they can’t, they are required to remove them.

Manage & Monitor

As you work to manage your credit wisely, we continue to leverage the law for your credit, addressing new credit issues as they appear.

Credit is fixed!

See what we have done for our clients

Rhea W.

Having my Credit repaired changed my life. I now have the financial opportunities that were impossible before.

Karl Arenas

My Credit Score was in the mud with a long history of flaws and missed payments. ReVault Capital basically erased all my credit mistakes since I was 18.

Frank Lewis
Complete Lifechanger!

My Credit Score was in the 500's before ReVault Capital. I couldn't get a good credit card, or rates on assets. I was truly stuck, and credit repair changed that.

John H.

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Emily Streit

Credit Repair was the best financial investment I've made! I recommend ReVault Capital for everyone as they were very easy and professional to work with.

David L.
Able to afford a loan now

ReVault Capital increased my credit score 80 points so fast it was unbelievable what I'd been missing. The loans that are available to me have opened the door for many affordable home loans for me and my family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Credit Repair Legal?

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act credit repair is legal under federal law.Title VI of the Consumer Credit Protection Act, protects consumers from accidental, negligent, or deliberate inclusion of inaccurate, unfair, or unsubstantiated information in credit report data provided by creditors to credit bureaus. This shields you from damage to your credit which can be caused by factors beyond your control such as typos, outdated data, malicious creditors, or identity theft.

Why is Credit Repair Necessary?

1.You may find it harder to get a loan to buy a new car or home
2. Bigger, well-known, reputable lenders may be reluctant to give you a loan, forcing you to turn to less preferable lendersQualifying for a credit card may be difficult, If you do qualify for a loan or credit card, you may have to pay a higher interest rate than you would with good credit
3. You may pay higher insurance premiums for home, auto, or renters’ insuranceIf you apply for a job that involves handling money, your prospective employer may run a credit check, reducing your chances of getting hiredIt can be harder to rent an apartment
4. Utility companies may run background checks and require you to pay higher deposits
5. You may find it harder to get a loan to buy a new car or home1. You may find it harder to get a loan to buy a new car or home1. You may find it harder to get a loan to buy a new car or home
6. You may have to delay saving money and building wealth until you can repair your credit

Does ReVault Capital offer a guarantee?

We Guarantee Results, with our credit building products that will help strengthen your credit scores. Our goal and guarantee is to have your credit scores in the 700's & approved for funding to start / scale your business within 120 days or your money back.